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Ray's MMD render for the Websites page of the MME Archive


This page lists helpful websites which can help you find communities and assets in MMD


MikuMikuEffect Reference

This website teaches you how to build MMD effects using code parameters and semantics. An invaluable website for MME producers.

VPVP Wiki Effects Page

This website has a lot of information about MMD, but this page is a very early and incomplete MME Archive.



This is the best website to go to for MMD/MME tutorials. We have a range of authors, subjects and specialities, and you can probably troubleshoot every MMD effect using this website.


One of the bigger Western platforms for MMD, perhaps the biggest. You'll find a lot of MME mods here, as well as artwork using MME.


This is a download-hosting website created specifically for MMDers, VOCALOID musicians and UTAU musicians. This website is only available in Japanese, however it is very easy to navigate with Google Chrome's automatic webpage translator.


This is a video and image sharing site, very similar to YouTube. It's mainly used by Japanese people, however it is also available to use in English. OGs will remember it as NicoNicoDouga. MMDers often advertise their effects on this site as their main platform.


This is a micro-blogging social media platform which hosts a big part of the Western and Japanese MMDCs. It does not host downloads, however artists often use Twitter to advertise their work. It is an excellent platform to use to interact between communities.


This is an instant messaging service, similar to Facebook Messenger. MMD artists can create servers so that members can chat privately and share downloads. Some artists may only distribute their assets to people in these servers as exclusive content. Discord is a great way to interact with the community.


This is a photo-sharing websites where MMDers post artwork and advertisement to their assets. It is a smaller community, and mostly English speaking.


This is a video sharing website. It's used by Western and Japanese MMDers alike, and people share a mixture of tutorials/walkthroughs and music videos/animations made in MMD. It does not host downloads.

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