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h4ru's MMD render for the Using the MikuMikuEffect Archive page.

Using the MikuMikuEffect Archive


Unlike the Effect Collections, each effect producer has their own page on this website. This page tells you how to use the Archive to its fullest potential, and how you can get the most out of it.



This is the homepage of the Archive! You will mostly start your journey here, and we have a lot to explore here, such as the Staff's Weekly Effects, What's New, and the MikuMikuEffect Discord/DeviantART Groups Monthly MME Contest.

Search for Effects

This is where we group  effects to be searched for by genre. Each type of effect has its own dedicated page so that you can easily compare similar effects, and find the perfect one to fit your project.


A-Z Producers


This tab allows you to explore our huge list of MME producers by name. If you have a specific producer in mind that you want to find out more about, you can find their information here. Currently, this archive is only available in English, but all Japanese names are recorded in both Romaji and Hiragana / Kanji. For example, to find the page for the effect producer "そぼろ", you can search for this name, or its Romanized name "Soboro".



We have many types of resources listed on the Archive, from videos, tutorials, academic essays and more. Our resources are sorted into 7 categories:

  • Effect definitions- this resource lists all the definitions we use on the Archive, to make searching for effects as easily as possible. Effect definitions are used as inspired by Dance Intervention-P's definitions.

  • Tutorials- here we store links to effect tutorials that are much broader than focusing on one specific effect.

  • Programs- here we provide links to MMD and external programs that could assist with effect use or effect making.

  • ENG + JP Dictionary- here, we provide many translations and definitions in English and Japanese from popular tags, phrases and specialized vocabulary.

  • Raycast Resources- this page lists lots of tutorials, essays and downloads for Raycast

  • Websites- this page lists other useful websites which you can go to to find MMD resources, tutorials and communities

  • Further Reading- this page is specifically for people who want to learn about MMD effects as they exist in different rendering engines. They range from community resources to academic essays.


Here you can find a list of contributors that help the Archive Developer update the archive regularly, fact check all information, and provide original renders and tutorials to represent examples of effects. Our applications to become a member are always open, so if you'd like to join the staff, go here!

Contact the Developer

Here, you can choose from a range of social media platforms to contact the Archive Developer with tips, corrections, offers of contributions and questions.


Search bar


You can use the search bar to find producers and effects. The search bar is ideal for searching for specific effects, or effect mods. For example, searching for KiraKira in the search bar will show Beamman's original KiraKira effect, as well as KiraKira mods such as KiraKira_colours, KiraKira_sparkle, and KiraKira_snow.


Producer's page


Each producer has its own page with all their effects listed. You can navigate to the producer's pages through the A-Z Producers Tab, or by searching for their name in the search bar.



Each producer's effects are listed in the same way: an example image of the effect, complete with its title and description. Clicking on 'Read More' allows you to find out additional information about the effect such as a tutorial, effect type, code information etc. Clicking on the image gives you access to the image credits. The tags exist so that if you want to search for effects by characteristic, you can. 

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