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The following tutorials will give you some basic information about MikuMikuEffect. If you are looking for a tutorial on how to use a specific effect, you can find one by searching for the effect using the search bar, clicking on the showcase image of the effect and following the 'Go to link' prompt.


General MMD and MME Setup/Culture


This tutorial will show you how to set up MMD and MME for the first time and which version to use. All download links to programs can be found in the description of the video.


A Guide to Crediting in MMD (effect focused)

This tutorial will show you how to credit when using MMD assets and effects. It is specifically focused on crediting MME.


Beamman Effects Page MMD Newbies Guide

This tutorial will show you how to use Beamman's effect downloads blog, and getuploader.


Change System Locale in Windows 10

This tutorial will show you how to change your PC's locale to Japanese. This is essential in order for your PC to read Japanese characters and alphabets, otherwise Japanese readmes and data will be garbled.


What kind of laptop should I buy for running MMD?

This tutorial will give you some important information regarding laptop and PC specifications when trying to run MME.


Trouble Keeping MMD Faith When Those Around You Don't

This tutorial will teach you some areas of keeping the faith in MMD, focusing on game rips and creator rules when mistranslated.


Nico Nico Video MMD Videos, Models, Motions and Music!

This tutorial show you how to use the website NicoNico to search for MMD assets. 


General MME Use

How To Apply A Shader

This tutorial will show you how to apply a shader to a model. Accurate to the majority of MMD shaders.


Fix the "Post Effect cannot be specified" error

This tutorial will show you a couple of solutions to a frequent post effect error.


Render like "Official Project Diva Render" using Ik_polishshader

This tutorial will show you how to recreate the effects found in Project Diva PVs using ikeno's ik_PolishShader


LAT Model Shaders Create Stunning Scenes in MMD

This tutorial will show you how to use shaders with an LAT type model.


My Top 6 Favorite Shader Effects for MikuMikuDance

This tutorial will show you a range of different shaders to help you choose which one to use for realism.


Breathing "SOUL" into MMD models and scenes using Fine Art Techniques

This tutorial will show you how to create high quality renders using MME.


Shading China Dresses Using Advanced Shader Techniques

This tutorial will show you how to shade china dresses realistically.


Almost Photo-realistic renders in MMD using Shaders and Effects

This tutorial will show you how to use MME to create almost photorealistic renders.


Understanding MME Render Targets for MikuMikuDance Effects

This tutorial will show you how to apply shaders and remove visible subsets using the MMEffect tab.


Everything you never wanted to know about textures

This tutorial will teach you about textures and spas/sphs. Useful for learning effects which rely on/cannot use textures.


Using Subset-Extract to Customize Your Models

This tutorial will teach you how to subset-extract models and accessories. Useful for applying different effects to different parts of a model/accessory.


Older MME Shaders rival Ray-MMD Raycast results and are easy to use!

This tutorial will teach you about a variety of older MMD effects that give just as good results as raycast and are easier to use.


MMD Fill Lights Part 1 (Half-Lambert Shader)

This tutorial will teach you about the different types of Fill Lights in 3D rendering and wider Light Systems.


MME: Less is More... Select only those that you need

This tutorial will teach you how to be selective about the effects you use.


BeamMan's Water Effects really look wet!

This tutorial will teach you how to use various Beamman water effects.


Give MMD Pictures Different MMEffects For Different Feelings

This tutorial will teach you how to use effects to create different moods.


How to Make a Nice Transition Effect Using After Glow

This tutorial will teach you how to use ObjectLuminous_AfterGlow to make model transitions in videos


How to do your WaterMark on effects in MMD

This tutorial will teach you how to use CameraScreen to add a watermark onto your MMD render


Editing/Creating MME


This tutorial is an English translation of Dance Intervention P's FX file reading tutorial, a useful resource for anyone wanting to produce original effects.


Editing Effect Textures Creates Brand New Effects!

This tutorial shows you how to edit texture effects.


Take full control of MME Effects by editing .fx files

This tutorial shows you how to edit the parameters of an effect and beyond.


FX File Reading

This tutorial shows you how full.fx by Dance Intervention P works, and how to make your own shaders from it.


High-Level Shader Language Documentation (HLSL)

This tutorial teaches you the basics of HLSL, the coding language that MME uses.


Understanding Normals

This tutorial teaches you what normals and normalmaps are, and how to create them.


How to create MMD Ray materials using RMT and PBR maps

This tutorial teaches you what RMT and PBR maps are, what Ray materials are, and how to create them for Raycast.


NormalMap, создание и загрузка в MikuMikuDance

This tutorial teaches you how to add normalmaps into GreenerShader.


Normal Map

This tutorial teaches you how to add normalmaps into NCHLShader2.


Customize MME Effects by Editing .fx Files

This tutorial teaches you how to customize effects by editing the code in the .fx file.


Learn to Edit MMD Effects by Editing Raycast Materials

This tutorial shows you how to edit raycast materials.


PMXe with MME

How to Fix Keyframe Bones and Morphs

Shows you how to make bones and morphs appear in the MMD keyframe display. Useful for if you have AL/effect sliders.


How to make AutoLuminous work on a PMXe Model

This tutorial shows you how to edit a PMX model using PMXe so that it responds to AutoLuminous. https://learnmmd.com/http:/learnmmd.com/autoluminous-work-on-a-pmx-model/

Translate Japanese Models Using PMXEditor's Batch Name Editor

This tutorial shows you how to edit a model or controllers bones and morphs if they say "Null". Useful for Japanese created effects which do not offer an English controller.


Understanding PMXe Materials: Ambient, Diffuse, Specular, Reflect and More!

This tutorial breaks down key elements of PMXe materials, and teaches you how to manipulate them when using shaders.



MMDシェーダーエフェクト8種比較動画【Comparison of MMD shaders】

This video compares various MME shaders, and shows you the differences between how they look on a model.