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Dendewa's MMD render of Hatsune Miku in a field for the MMEContest page of the MMEArchive

The MMEContest

The MMEContest is an MMD competition held on Discord and DeviantART by the MME Collective. Competitions are held monthly, with the genre of contest changing every month. 

A History of the MMEContest

The MMEContest began in January 2021, taking place on Discord and DeviantART. It was inspired by MMD contests such as Model of the Month, hosted by MMD-Mall on DeviantART. The MMEContest quickly grew in popularity, resulting in 23 contests, 33 winning contenders and over 200 submitted artworks. 


We introduced two categories for the MMEContest in early 2022- Amateur and Veteran. The Amateur category is specifically for newer MMDers, while the Veteran category is for artists with a long history of working with MMD. This ensures that every artist competes with others on their level.


In mid 2022, we introduced prizes for all winners of the MMEContest. We offer prizes in the form of exclusive effects with the majority being made by our admins Syovzai, G123u and Chestnutscoop. In June 2022, we opened up offers to our members to create effects for the contest prizes.


MMEContest Winners

Jan 2021- Yamimori

Feb 2021- ciella-lune

Mar 2021- dendewa

Apr 2021- oOHikaruSoraOo

May 2021- Yamimori

Jun 2021- dendewa

Jul 2021- LiseMMD

Aug 2021- RavAndCheese

Sep 2021- majinkz

Oct 2021- enzirin

Nov 2021- Studio Bunbun

Dec 2021- Sofvneir

Jan 2022- Sweetcupcakemila17

Feb 2022- Mikarin1nyan

Mar 2022- puff-mmd

Mar 2022- NecroticMaster

Apr 2022- Etheluu

Apr 2022- SoulEaterLC

May 2022- Etheluu

May 2022- Gambling Jester

Jun 2022- Gambling Jester

Jun 2022- aéstiatikos

Jul 2022- Rici3k

Jul 2022- Akarui 26

Aug 2022- MijumaruNr1

Aug 2022- LiseMMD

Sep 2022- ReonaReonaDance

Sep 2022- Fafau06

Sep 2022- Allei2511

Oct 2022- Etheluu

Oct 2022- KitsuneNoKiba

Oct 2022- SpectraEevee

Nov 2022- puff-mmd

Dec 2022- SpectraEevee

Dec 2022- Chestnutscoop

A Selection of MMEContest Entries

Click on an artwork below to see it in full resolution, as well as access the asset credits and link to the original posting.

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