Aple's MMD render for the kofi donations blog supporters page of the MME Archive featuring Tda Hatsune Miku

Our Supporters

As with any other website, the creators of The MikuMikuEffect archive have to pay Wix (our website provider) a yearly fee to keep the site online. Our Founder, Chestnutscoop, pays the entirety of this fee (£157.52) out of her own pocket every year. You can help cover these costs by donating to our Kofi page!

Supporters who donate to our coffee page can get their name and main social media account listed below. Your donation helps reimburse Chestnut for the subscription to Wix. This subscription pays for:

-A live and working URL

-No ads

-Searchability on Google

-Priority support from the Wix team

100% of these donations will go towards paying Chestnut back for the Wix subscription. We will never put ads on the Archive, and we will never make a profit from this site. In the event that we raise enough money to cover the 2022 subscription cost, we will close the Kofi until 2023.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact Chestnutscoop here.