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Sovoro- Blur/Motion/Glow

Last Updated: 26/01/2013

TrueCameraLX combines AutoLuminous, MotionBlur and XDOF into one effect.


Click the image above to see it in full and to view credits.



-TrueCameraLX is better to use than combining AutoLuminous, MotionBlur and XDOF as the glow from AL is added to the blur and DOF.

-A FishEye lens can be activated in the code of TrueCameraLX.fx.

-TrueCameraLX comes with some additional effects that are compatible with TrueCameraLX, which can be found in the 'Options' folder.

-Sovoro provides instructions on how to use TrueCameraLX with Clone.

-TrueCameraLX will not work with assets with more than 260,000 vertices.

Further Information

Sovoro's TrueCameraLX debut video can be found here, along with the original (now broken) SkyDrive link:

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