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Sovoro- Shader

Last Updated: 18/03/2012

SnowCovor adds a white layer onto an asset to mimic snow cover. It also contains RainyDay.fx, which adds a layer of black.


Click the image above to see it in full and to view credits.



-SnowCovor borrows code from Dance Intervention P's full and kion's depth fog.

-SnowCovor despite being a shader, comes with an accessory controller, SnowCoverFog.x. It may be the only accessory controller to be used with a shader.

-SnowCover is compatible with AbsoluteShadow, with some editing.

Further Information

Sovoro's SnowCovor debut video can be found here, along with the original (now broken) SkyDrive link:

mmd, sovoro, snowcover, snowcoverfog, shader, accessory controller, snow


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