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Sovoro- Glow

Last Updated: 11/08/2014

AutoLuminous applies an automatic glow to a subset. It is the third luminous effect made by Sovoro.


Click the image above to see it in full and to view credits.



-AutoLuminous is the third luminous effect in Sovoro's series. The others are KeyLuminous and ObjectLuminous.

-AutoLuminous comes with a set of sample models that give examples on how AutoLuminous can be used with morphs.

-AutoLuminous comes with the PMX Editor plugin 'ALMorphMaker', which allows AutoLuminous-related morphs to be automatically added to a model, such as flash speed and glow intensity.

-AutoLuminous comes with a lightweight version, called AutoLuminousBasic.

-An old version of AutoLuminous (AutoLuminous3) is still available to download. We recommend using AutoLuminous4 however, as that is the latest version.

-The current version of AutoLuminous is Ver.4.2.

Further Information

-BloodyKylie's tutorial shows how to use AutoLuminous in MMD:

-Kana Fuyuko's tutorial shows how to use AutoLuminous' ALMorphMaker to add AL compatible morphs to assets:

-Chestnutscoop's tutorial shows how to use AutoLuminous to create a transparent ghost of an asset:

-Sovoro's AutoLuminous debut video can be found here, along with the original (now broken) SkyDrive link:

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