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 Aliases: Soboro / sovoro_mmd / そぼろ                                                                 MMD Status: retired 2014

Began producing in: 2010                                                                                   Download hosting: OneDrive



  • Sovoro's name in English can be spelt as 'Sovoro' or 'Soboro', as the Japanese letter ぼ can be pronounced as 'vo' or 'bo'. Officially, Sovoro writes their name in romaji as 'Sovoro'.

  • The word 'soboro' is a Japanese term that refers to ground meat, fish or eggs.

  • Sovoro adds very detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips into their readme.

  • Sovoro keeps all of their old effects available for download, even if they’ve been updated. On this page, we have used the most recent version of the effect in the example renders

  • Many of the download links in Sovoro's social posts are now dead. Please click on the cloud below to access all of Sovoro's downloads.

  • Sovoro's Twitter
  • Sovoro's NicoNico
  • Sovoro's OneDrive

Credits for all renders: Sovoro, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Tda, anonymous, TweekCrystal, Baroque, TOUKO-P, HariganeP, G123u, MMD-Kyu, Misakirai, Briar-x-Rose, aple, Syovzai, Yominachi, dynosuar and Chestnutscoop.

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