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Aliases: Soboro / sovoro_mmd / そぼろ                                                                 MMD Status: retired 2014

Began producing in: 2010                                                                                   Download hosting: OneDrive



  • Sovoro's name in English can be spelt as 'Sovoro' or 'Soboro', as the Japanese letter ぼ can be pronounced as 'vo' or 'bo'. Officially, Sovoro writes their name in romaji as 'Sovoro'.

  • The word 'soboro' is a Japanese term that refers to ground meat, fish or eggs.

  • Sovoro adds very detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips into their readme.

  • Sovoro keeps all of their old effects available for download, even if they’ve been updated. You can access them by clicking on the cloud icon below.

  • Sovoro's Twitter
  • Sovoro's NicoNico
  • Sovoro's OneDrive
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