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ittovy's MMD render of Kagamine Rin Vocaloid for the raycast resources page on the MME Archive

Raycast Resources

There are hundreds of raycast specific articles, tutorials and materials, so we created a dedicated page to them here! The terms 'raycast' and 'raymmd'  may be used interchangeably, but both refer to rui's effect system for MMD.

Tutorials- Set up and General

Ray-MMD Wiki

These pages teach you what raycast is, how to use it and how to create content for it. It is written by the producer of raycast, rui.

*NEW* Ray-MMD Basic Tutorial

Further on the Wiki above, rui has written a basic tutorial to help you set up raycast for the first time.

Raycast Tutorial 2.0

This tutorial teaches you how to set up raycast in MMD.


This tutorial teaches you how to set up raycast in MMD. This is the third tutorial in their raymmd collections. Language in Japanese.

Tutorials- Lighting

RAY-MMD LIGHTING TIPS: a translation

This tutorial is a translation of ngreeed's Ray-MMD lighting tutorial, which breaks down what each raycast light source does, how to use it, and how it interacts with other Raycast features such as fog and shadows.

Additions Regarding Ray Lights

This tutorial adds on to the one above, and shows you the process of trying out what the tutorial above instructs.

*NEW* Seto's Basic Lighting Setup w/ Raycast

This tutorial shows you how Seto sets up their lighting when using raycast.

MMD Raycast Tutorial - Advanced Physical Lighting

This tutorial shows you how to produce high-quality lighting in raycast

Tube Light Tutorial RAY

This tutorial shows you how to use raycast's Tube Light.

MMD Fill Lights Part 2 - (Ray-MMD)

This tutorial shows you how to use various raycast light sources to create realistic lighting.

Tutorials- Materials and Maps

A Guide to Default Ray Materials

This tutorial shows you what the default materials that come with raycast look like.


How to create MMD Ray materials using RMT and PBR maps

This tutorial breaks down how ray materials work, such as normalmaps, specular, albedo and anisotropy, and tells you how to create your own materials.

Basic Raycast and Advanced Normal Map Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create normalmaps from textures using ShaderMap, and how to use them in MMD.

Normal Mapping Tutorial for Raycast Shader

This tutorial shows you how to apply and create normalmaps for raycast using rui's normalmap code.

Raycast Refractive Glass

This tutorial will show you how to create a refractive glass material shader using raycast by adding normalmaps and manipulating code values.

How to Use LED Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create a realistic screen, complete with light reflections.

Tutorials- Misc

How to Use RayCast Without a Skybox

This tutorial shows you how to use raycast without loading in a traditional skybox to produce reflections.

Making the skybox

This tutorial shows you how to create a skybox for raycast.

Raycast Volumetric Fog Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to create volumetric fog using raycast.

Epic tutorial for the raycast (godray effect)(time of day) 

This tutorial shows you how to use godray with raycast's Time of Day skybox.

*NEW* Rendering with Raycast 1.5.2  (Night Scene+Fog)

This tutorial shows you how to render a nighttime scene with fog.

Water on Ray-Cast Shader 

This tutorial shows you how to create realistic, animated water with raycast.

Ray + Rhinestone

This tutorial shows you how to use ikeno's Rhinestone effect with raycast.

Ray-MMD LED widget replaces MMD screen capture widget

This tutorial shows you how to produce a screen capture widget using raycast.


These artists will eventually have their own effect producers page where you can see what the effects look like and a brief description. In the meantime, please preview their effects on their download pages.


CherryBlossom's raycast materials. CherryBlossom focuses on floor materials such as tiles, bricks and wooden planks.

hbee / ハン蜂

hbee's raycast materials. hbee focuses on toon and hair materials.



NEPHNASHINE-P's raycast materials. NEPHNASHINE focuses on clothing and hair materials.


freakyforms955's raycast materials. freakyforms955 focuses on various materials such as wool, wood, stone and motif.



dendewa's raycast materials and skyboxes. dendewa focuses on creating skyboxes for a variety of environments, as well as materials and

lut effects designed specifically to be used with raycast.


MMD-Kyu's raycast materials. MMD-Kyu focuses on more unusual materials such as sapphires, chocolate and feathers.

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