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Post Shader Effects

Post Shader Effects are shaders which are applied through post-processing and .x files, rather than the traditional .fx files used in Shader Effects.


Click on the name of the producer to go to their page.

BubbleShader (MMD-Kyu, Kanihira, Elle).jpg


BubbleShader draws the middle of a model transparent and the sides pale to resemble a bubble.

PostAdultShader (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).jpg


PostAdultShader is a post-effect version of AdultShader.

PostHatchingShader (MMD-Kyu, Kanihira, Elle).jpg


PostHatchingShader applies a hatching effect to the surface of assets.

msToonCoordinator (aple, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg


msToonCoordinator allows you to shade your assets using strong toon and cel shading.

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