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Particle Effects

Particle Effects generate particles. Particles come in many forms, such as rain, snow, petals, fire and butterflies.

Many MMD effects can be classified as Particle Effects, such as effects found in Collision Effects, Animated Effects, Billboard Effects and Self Effects.

Click on the name of a producer to go to their page.

FireParticleSystem (AndrewSalyMMD, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif


FireParticleSystem generates a flame.

Jyapariman Jyaparicoin Coin Particle (R a C, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP).jpg

Jyapariman/ Jyaparicoin Particle

Jyapariman and Jyaparicoin particle genrates colorful coin particles. They are a mod of Beamman's Balloon. Original title is ジャパリまん風・ジャパリコイン風パーティクル.

Rainbow Glowing Particle (GamblingJester, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP)

Rainbow Glowing Particles

Rainbow Glowing Particles produces spinning rainbow ball particles. It is a modification of Beamman's Balloon. Original title is 七色発光パーティクル.

SandSmoke (WinterVylet, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP).gif


SandSmoke generates a cloud of sand. It is a modification of Beamman's SoftSmoke.

LiveSet- Particle (WinterVylet, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


Particle generates an animated confetti particle. It is part of LiveSet

RainLiteStop (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


RainLiteStop is a mod of Sovoro's RainLite. When in camera mode, the rain effect is inanimate.

VoxelParticle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


VoxelParticle is a mod of CannonParticle, and is made up of cubes and fragments.

ikLineParticle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikLineParticle generates a firework-like particle effect.

ikParticle (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikParticle is a collection of particle effects, consisting of confetti, petals and snow.

ikParticle2 (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikParticle2 is an improved expansion pack of ikParticle, now with added plumes and tukichi. It also contains ikParticleFloor.

ikParticleFloor (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikParticleFloor generates particles that lie on the floor.

ikRaindrops (YamiMori, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikRaindrops displays transparent raindrops on a plane. It's perfect for adding realistic raindrops on a window.

uwFlocking (Briar-x-Rose, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


uwFlocking is a mod of Flocking. It is designed to be used with ikeno's ikUnderwater.

uwParticles (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


uwParticles is collection of particle effects designed to be used with ikeno's ikUnderwater. It consists of MouthBubble, Dust and Bubble

Blizzard (Misaki, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


Blizzard generates a blurry snowfall.

RainLite (SleepyKitty, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


RainLite produces rainfall. It is a modification of sovoro's earlier effect TexSnowLite.

TexSnowLite (MMD-Kyu, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


TexSnowLite generates snowfall.

WorldSnow (Misaki, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


WorldSnow generates snowfall.

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