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o_tamon- Post

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 09/10/2013

o_ColorHalfTone applies a printing style filter to the render.

o_tamon's MMD effects applied to Akira Neru LoveDeath Vocaloid

Click the image above to see it in full



-o_ColorHalfTone can render with transparent backgrounds if the parameter in o_ColorHalfTone is activated.

-o_ColorHalfTone_4P uses cyan, magenta, yellow and black printing style, while o_ColorHalfTone_3P only uses cyan, magenta and yellow.

-o_tamon recommends only using this effect for still renders as it has a tendency to lower image quality.

Further information

-For more information about the color half tone style, you can read this resource by Adobe.


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