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MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 23/09/2014

NCHLShader2 adds glossy shading, shadows and lighting to a render.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Open up the models that you want to use NCHLShader2 with in a model editor, and remove any sphere maps. Save your model separately from the original model file.

2. In MMD, go to the accessories manipulation box and select ‘load’.

3. Select ‘AmbientLighting.x’, ‘Backlighting.x’, ‘SoftLightA’, ‘SoftLightB’, ‘ExcellentShadow2’ and ‘HgSAO’. You can also load up 床影 if you would like a floor stage. 

   3.1 AmbientLighting adjusts the lighting cast on the front of the model.

   3.2 Backlighting adjusts the lighting cast from behind the model3.3 SoftLightA and SoftLightB are diffusion effects, and exist for color correction and slight blurring

   3.4 ExcellentShadow2 and HgSAO adjust self shadows

4. To begin with, set the accessory parameters to the suggestions made by nil in the ‘sample.png’ image file found in NCHLShader2’s folder. Alternatively, you can load up ‘sample.pmm’ to have these settings automatically applied.

5. Navigate to the MMEffect tab in the top right corner, and select ‘Effect Mapping’. Select the model that you want to apply NCHLShader2 shaders to in Main, right click and select ‘Subset-Extract’.

6. Apply material shaders to model subsets by selecting a subset, selecting ‘Set Effect’, selecting a shader, clicking ‘Apply’ and ‘Ok’.


-NCHLShader2 is a naturally dark shader, so you will need to add extra lighting/ increase the lighting manipulation to higher than what you would for other shaders. We recommend starting with the lighting and effect parameters nil suggests in the sample image that comes with NCHLShader2.

-ExcellentShadow2 and HgSAO are made by Sovoro and HariganeP respectively, and although it is not required by nil, or either of these effect creators in their rules, you may want to consider crediting all three creators. 

-NCHLShader2 uses Cook-Torrance and Half Lambert shading.

-NCHLShader2 is not recommended to be used on accessories.

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