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Mashimashi- Post Shader

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 03/01/2022

msToonCoordinator allows you to shade your assets using strong toon and cel shading.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load Shade.x, Edge.x and ExcellentShadow.x in the Accessory Manipulation box

2. Load msToonCoordinatorController.pmx in the Model Manipulation box

3. Load the default_v1.1.vmd motion data onto the controller

4. Apply SimplePaint_EdgeOff.fx to the model on the “main” tab

5. Disable ExcellentShadow.x on the “main” tab

6. Enable ExcellentShadow.x on the “msTC_Shade” tab

7. Adjust the settings using the controller


-There are .fx files in the Shade, Sublight and Edge folders where one can tweak the code parameters. One can change the shadow or highlight colours, or specify RGB in the texture.

-Since the specified texture is only drawn according to the model’s UV map, the role of RGB is basically the same as RGB of each tab. However, since only B (blue) of Shade is inverted, the place where it’s drawn with the texture is forced to be the shadow colour.

-In the “msTC_Shade” tab, the shadow by ExcellentShadow and the texture’s B value are multiplied. Furthermore, since the texture’s R (red) value is added to determine the final amount of shadow, one can control the ease of shadowing by adjusting the B and R values.

Further information

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