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Last updated: 02/11/2019

msGradation applies an adjustable gradient to a render.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load msGradation.x in the accessories box from the folder named msGradation1 

2. Load msGradation1Controller.pmx in the model manipulation box from the folder named msGradation1 

3. In the 'Other' morphs of the controller, set the morph 調整用 to 0.25 

4. Adjust the other morphs to create gradient effect you want 

5. To add more colors and gradients, repeat steps 1-4 as necessary

Controller Morph Translations: 


色相- Hue- changes the color of the gradient 

彩度- Saturation- changes the saturation of the gradient

輝度- Luminence- changes the brightness of the gradient 

透明度- Transparency- changes the transparency of the effect. 1.0 equals an invisible gradient  


角度- Angle- changes the angle at which the gradient is generated 

幅- Width- changes the length of the gradation, where 1.0 is shortest 

線形/円形- Linear/Circular- changes the shape of the gradient, where 0.0 is linear and 1.0 is circular  


深度_有効化- depth enable- changes how visible the gradient is when close and far away from the camera 

深度強度- depth intensity- determines the distance at which the effect disappears depending on depth 

深度極端化- depth extreme 

深度反転- depth_reverse- this reverses the depth effect, where 0.0 means 'the closer you are, the less gradation' and 1.0 means 'the further away, the less gradation'  


加/ス/乗/オ- Addition/Screen/Multiplication/Overlay- named after the blending modes used by Adobe programs, they work in the same way    

-0.0 = addition blending    

-0.25 = screen blending    

-0.5 = multiplication blending   

-0.75 = overlay blending 

調整用- for Adjustment- displays a variety of ways to make the effect more visible, for manipulation purposes.    

-0.0 = no change    

-0.2 = the center point of the gradation appears    

-0.4 = shows the gradient against a plain gray background    

-0.6 = shows the gradient against a plain gray background with the model in view    

-0.8 = shows the depth of the effect

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