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Mashimashi- Post

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 25/07/2019

msBrightness allows you to adjust the brightness of a render using tone curve.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load msBrightnessVintage.x into the accessories box of MMD.

2. In the Accessory Manipulation window, set Y to 1.0, and set Size to 2.0.

3. In the Accessory Manipulation window, adjust the X, Y, and Size values as desired.

Accessory Parameter Values

-X Adjusts the lower level limit; anything lower than this value will be pitch black.

-Y Adjusts the upper level limit; anything higher than value will be pitch white.

-Si Adjusts the strength of the contrast effect.

-Tr Adjusts the size/range of the effect.


-Mashimashi provides an equation and graph to visualise the effect settings.

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