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LiveSet- Particle

ikeno- Particle

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 17/01/2018

Particle generates an animated confetti particle. It is part of LiveSet.

LiveSet- Particle

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ikPolishShader is needed for the effect to work properly. For a video tutorial, please refer to the download section of the ikPolishShader page located here

Setting up ikPolish

1. Go to the 'accessory manipulation' box and click 'load' .

2. Select the file named 'ikParticle.x' and click 'OK'.

3. Go to the MMEffect tab in the top right corner of MMD and click 'Effect Mapping' .

4. Go to the 'Main' tab and right-click 'ikParticle.x', choose 'Set Effect File' and assign the file named 'for_polishmain.fxsub'.

5. Go to the 'ColorMapRT' tab and right-click 'ikParticle.x', choose 'Set effect file' and assign the file 'for_polishmaterial.fxsub'.

6. Click 'Apply' and 'OK'.


If the .fxsub files does not show up, after you click 'Set Effect File' go to the down right corner and click on 'fx files(*.fx)'. It will open a selection menu. Select 'all files' and they will appear.

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