LiveSet- Particle

ikeno- Particle

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 01/17/2018

Particle generates an animated confetti particle. It is part of LiveSet

LiveSet- Particle



ikPolishShader is needed for the effect to work properly. For a video tutorial, please refer to the download section of the ikPolishShader page located here

  1. Set up ikPolish

  2. Go to the 'accessory manipulation' box and click 'load' 

  3. Select the file named 'ikParticle.x' and click 'OK'

  4. Go to the MMEffect tab in the top right corner of MMD and click 'Effect Mapping' 

  5. Go to the 'Main' tab and right-click 'ikParticle.x', choose 'Set Effect File' and assign the file named 'for_polishmain.fxsub'

  6. Go to the 'ColorMapRT' tab and right-click 'ikParticle.x', choose 'Set effect file' and assign the file 'for_polishmaterial.fxsub'

  7. Click 'Apply' and 'OK'


If the .fxsub files does not show up, after you click 'Set Effect File' go to the down right corner and click on 'fx files(*.fx)'. It will open a selection menu. Select 'all files' and they will appear.

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