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MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 12/05/2016

ikRainSplash adds a splash effect to the surface of a model.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load your models in the model manipulation box.

2. Load ikRainSplash.x in the accessories manipulation box.

Editing the Code Parameters

Line 4: #define ParticleSize- changes the size of individual splash particles

Line 7: #define LifetimeMin- manipulates the minimum amount of time each particle exist for before disappearing

Line 8: #define LifetimeMax- manipulates the maximum amount of time each particle exist for before disappearing

Line 12: #define SPLASH_ALPHA- determines how much transparency each particle has. The higher the number, the less transparency

Line 15: #define PATTERN_FILENAME- the directory to the texture the particles use. Changing this name to a different texture name in the ikRainSplash file will change the texture of the effect

Line 22: #define UNIT_COUNT- manipulates the amount of splash. This can also be controlled using Tr

Line 25: #define STOP_IN_EDITMODE- stops the effect when you edit in engine

Line 28: #define RESET_AT_START- restarts the effect at the beginning of a frame, rather than already hitting the model when the frame starts

Line 33: #define LightRange- the range of the effect on the environment. Also controlled by Si

Line 37: #define CoordTextureName- for use with ikBokeh

Line 41: ‘define ParticleRotSpeed- the speed in which each particle spins on its axis


If you change the ikRainSplash.x draw order to 0 over the mode, the rain effect will appear as if the rain is hitting the front of the model, rather than the edge. In order to check how far the splash effect will spread, turn on shadow for ikRainSplash.x. The spread of the blue square on the ground will show you how far the effect will work. ikeno recommends editing the splash opacity if rendering large video resolutions, as it will likely look different rendered than in engine.

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