ikeno- Shader

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 07/16/2018

ikHolographic is a shader with gives the model a shiny appearance and adds a glitter like subtexture.




  1. Load your asset

  2. Navigate to the MMEffect tab and select your model on the 'Main' tab

  3. Load ikHolographic.fx


Line 5: #define NORMALMAP_FILENAME "tex/glint1.png" // メインの法線マップ Chooses the main texture (normalmap) used for the effect, which can be found in the tex subfolder of ikHolographic. Glint1 is the default texture chosen

Line 6: float NormalMapLoopNum = 8; // 繰り返し回数。大きいほど模様が細かくなる Number of times the texture repeats across an asset. The larger the number, the finer the pattern

Line 7: float NormalMapHeightScale = 1.0; // 高さ補正。正で高くなる 0で平坦 (-4~4程度) Height correction. Positive for high, flat for 0 (about -4 to 4)

Line 10: #define ENABLE_SUBNORMAL 1 // 0:追加テクスチャ無効、1:有効 Chooses whether you want to have a sub texture for the effect. 0 means there’s no subtexture (disable) 1 means the additional subtexture is active (enabled) 

Line 11: #define SUBNORMALMAP_FILENAME "tex/grad.png" // 追加テクスチャのファイル名 File name for additional texture. Grad is the default texture chosen

Line 12: float SubNormalMapLoopNum = 1; Same as Line 6, but for the sub tex -Line 13 float SubNormalMapHeightScale = 0.2; Same as Line 7, but for the sub tex

Line 17: #define ENABLE_HOLOMASK 0 // 0:マスク無効、1:有効 Enable or disable mask, 0 is disabled and 1 is enabled. Mask mapping is excluding areas you don't want holo support

Line 18: #define MASKMAP_FILENAME "tex/mask.png" // マスクテクスチャのファイル名 File name of mask texture 

Line 21 and onward are related to adjusting the colors 

Line 22: float3 HoloSkyColor = float3(0.5,0.5,1); // ホロ全体の色(上) Adjusts the overall holographic color through adjusting the number parameters, focusing on the top

Line 23: float3 HoloGrandColor = float3(0.5,1,0.5); // ホロ全体の色(下) Adjust the overall holographic color through parameters, focuses on the bottom

Line 24: float HoloSaturation = 0.75; // ホロの彩度。0.0:無彩色、1.0:虹色。 Adjusts the overall saturation through adjusting the numbers. 0 is monochromatic, and 1.0 is iridescent

Line 25: float HoloHueOffset = 0.0; // 色相のオフセット Adjusts hue offset

Line 26: float HoloIntensity = 2.0; // ホロ全体の明るさ 0.5~2.0程度 overall holographic brightness/intensity, about 0.5 to 2.0

Line 27: float HoloGradient = 4.0; // 虹色の変化度合い。0.5~6.0程度 Adjusts the degree of rainbow color variation, about 0.5 to 6.0

Line 28: float HoloAttenuation = 0.9; // 元の色の明るさ 0.0~1.0 Changes the brightness of the original color (assuming this means the texture/normalmap itself) 0.0 to 1.0

Line 31: float LightColorAware = 0.5; // 0.0:受けない、1.0:受ける Chooses if the shader is affected by the ambient lighting. 0.0: not affected, 1.0: affected

Line 34: #define ENBALE_MIPMAP 1 // 0:無効、1:有効 Choose if mipmapping is enabled or disabled, 0 is disabled and 1 is enabled


There is a texture addon set called HoloPatterns which adds even more textures! To install, add the new textures to the “Tex” folder.

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