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ikeno- Shader

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 16/07/2018

ikHolographic is a shader with gives the model a shiny appearance and adds a glitter like subtexture.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load your asset.

2. Navigate to the MMEffect tab and select your model on the 'Main' tab.

3. Load ikHolographic.fx.

Editing the Code Parameters

Line 5: #define NORMALMAP_FILENAME "tex/glint1.png" // メインの法線マップ Chooses the main texture (normalmap) used for the effect, which can be found in the tex subfolder of ikHolographic. Glint1 is the default texture chosen

Line 6: float NormalMapLoopNum = 8; // 繰り返し回数。大きいほど模様が細かくなる Number of times the texture repeats across an asset. The larger the number, the finer the pattern

Line 7: float NormalMapHeightScale = 1.0; // 高さ補正。正で高くなる 0で平坦 (-4~4程度) Height correction. Positive for high, flat for 0 (about -4 to 4)

Line 10: #define ENABLE_SUBNORMAL 1 // 0:追加テクスチャ無効、1:有効 Chooses whether you want to have a sub texture for the effect. 0 means there’s no subtexture (disable) 1 means the additional subtexture is active (enabled) 

Line 11: #define SUBNORMALMAP_FILENAME "tex/grad.png" // 追加テクスチャのファイル名 File name for additional texture. Grad is the default texture chosen

Line 12: float SubNormalMapLoopNum = 1; Same as Line 6, but for the sub tex -Line 13 float SubNormalMapHeightScale = 0.2; Same as Line 7, but for the sub tex

Line 17: #define ENABLE_HOLOMASK 0 // 0:マスク無効、1:有効 Enable or disable mask, 0 is disabled and 1 is enabled. Mask mapping is excluding areas you don't want holo support

Line 18: #define MASKMAP_FILENAME "tex/mask.png" // マスクテクスチャのファイル名 File name of mask texture 

Line 21 and onward are related to adjusting the colors 

Line 22: float3 HoloSkyColor = float3(0.5,0.5,1); // ホロ全体の色(上) Adjusts the overall holographic color through adjusting the number parameters, focusing on the top

Line 23: float3 HoloGrandColor = float3(0.5,1,0.5); // ホロ全体の色(下) Adjust the overall holographic color through parameters, focuses on the bottom

Line 24: float HoloSaturation = 0.75; // ホロの彩度。0.0:無彩色、1.0:虹色。 Adjusts the overall saturation through adjusting the numbers. 0 is monochromatic, and 1.0 is iridescent

Line 25: float HoloHueOffset = 0.0; // 色相のオフセット Adjusts hue offset

Line 26: float HoloIntensity = 2.0; // ホロ全体の明るさ 0.5~2.0程度 overall holographic brightness/intensity, about 0.5 to 2.0

Line 27: float HoloGradient = 4.0; // 虹色の変化度合い。0.5~6.0程度 Adjusts the degree of rainbow color variation, about 0.5 to 6.0

Line 28: float HoloAttenuation = 0.9; // 元の色の明るさ 0.0~1.0 Changes the brightness of the original color (assuming this means the texture/normalmap itself) 0.0 to 1.0

Line 31: float LightColorAware = 0.5; // 0.0:受けない、1.0:受ける Chooses if the shader is affected by the ambient lighting. 0.0: not affected, 1.0: affected

Line 34: #define ENBALE_MIPMAP 1 // 0:無効、1:有効 Choose if mipmapping is enabled or disabled, 0 is disabled and 1 is enabled


-There is a texture addon set called HoloPatterns which adds even more holographic textures. To install, add the new textures to the “Tex” folder.

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