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ikeno- Glow

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 30/01/2017

ikGodray produces sun rays, mimicking real life godrays. When the light source moves behind a solid asset such as a model, the light is blocked out.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Load ikGodray.x into the accessories box of MMD 

2. If you're using a skydome, go to the MMEffect tab and uncheck the skydome in the MaskMapRT tab 

Accessory Parameter Values

Accessory Manipulation: Si -Adjust the amount of light extension from the rays 

Accessory Manipulation: Tr -Adjusts the strength of the effect

Editing the Code Parameters

Line 5: #define LIGHT_COLOR float3 (0.1, 0.1, 0.1)

-These parameters edit the colour of the light 

Line 7: #define RAY_COLOR float3 (1.0, 1.0, 1.0) 

-Edits the colour of the rays of light 

Line 11: #define ENBLE_LENS_GHOST 0 

-Enables a lens flare 

Line 14: #define LIGHT_LENGTH 24 

-Changed the length of the rays (also controlled by the Si Accessory manipulator) 

Line 17: "#define LIGHT_SIZE 1.0" 

-Adjusts the strength of the light source

Further Information

ikeno, light source, godray, natural lighting


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