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MMM Compatible

Last updated: 26/01/2019

Gakuburu adds lines around the edge of an asset, as if to indicate a shivering motion.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Go to 'accessory manipulation' and click 'load'. 

2. Select 'Gakuburu.x' and click 'Open'. 

3. Attach 'Gakuburu.x' to your desired model and click 'register'. Harigane recommends attaching to the model's center, upper body, neck, or head bone. 

4. Go to 'MMEffect' and select 'Effect Mapping'. 

5. Navigate to the 'GKBR_SrcRT' tab. 

6. Select your model and click 'Set Effect'. 

7. Select 'GKBR_Object.fxsub' and click 'Open'. 

8. Click 'Apply', then 'OK'.  

Accessory Parameter Values 

-Rx: Adjusts the distance between the lines and the model, with a lower limit of -1.0.

-Ry: Adjusts the thickness of the lines, with a lower limit of -1.0. 

-Rz: Adjusts the amplitude of the lines' wiggles, with a lower limit of -1.0. Si: Adjusts the speed of the lines' wiggling. 

-Tr: Adjusts the opacity of the lines.

Editing the Code Parameters

-Line 9: #define UseHDR: Determines whether the effect uses High Dynamic Range rendering. Setting this value to 0 causes the effect to use the standard 256 color rendering, whereas setting it to 1 causes the effect to process with HDR.

-Line 17: float3 LineColor: Determines the color of the lines, represented in a {Red, Green, Blue} format.

-Line 19: float LineDisordFreq: Determines the amount of line wiggling. A greater value means there will be more waves on the lines.

-Line 20: float LineDisordSeed: Gakuburu is divided into multiple sections and each section rolls a number from 0~infinity. If the section rolls above an unknown specified number, it generates more waves for the effect lines. If it rolls below, it generates fewer waves. This allows every section of the effect to be a bit different. Finally, this variable essentially increases the chances of a section rolling above the unknown specified number.

-Line 22: float LineCutFreq: Determines the amount of spaces in between the lines. A greater value means more spaces.

-Line 23: float LineCutSeed: see line 20. 

-Line 24: float LineCutParam1: Determines the minimum spacing between line cuts, within a range of 0~1.0. 

-Line 25: float LineCutParam2: Determines the maximum spacing between line cuts, within a range of 0~1.0. This value must be greater than LineCutParam1. 

-Line 27: float LinePuruSeed1: seed. 

-Line 28: float LinePuruSeed2: seed.

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