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MMM Compatible

Last updated: 11/07/2013

Color allows you to adjust the RBGHSV values of the designated model.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Go to 'model manipulation' and click 'load'. 

2. Select ColorControl.pmd and click 'Open'. 

3. Go to 'model manipulation' and click 'load'. 

4. Select your desired model and click 'Open'. 

5. Go to 'MMEffect' and click on 'Effect Mapping'.

6. Select the model you wish to apply the effect on. Click 'Set Effect'. 

7. Select Color.fx or Color_Flat.fx and click 'Open'. 

8. Click 'Apply', then 'OK'. 

9. Go to 'model manipulation' and select ColorControl.pmd. In the 'facial manipulation' window, adjust the values as you desire.

Controller Facial Manipulation 


Red, Green, Blue: Adjusts the red, green, blue values of the effect, respectively. 


Hue: Adjusts the hue of the effect. saturation: Adjusts the saturation of the effect. 

Value: Adjusts the vibrancy of the effect. 


Blend: Determines the strength of influence the RGB and HSV values have. 0 means all of the RGB values will be applied and none of the HSV values will be applied. 1.0 means none of the RBG values will be applied, and all of the HSV values will be applied. 0.5 means an even amount of both RGB and HSV values will be applied. 

Edge: Determines a switch that dictates whether the edge outline of the model is affected by ColorController.pmd or not. 0 sets it to off, 1.0 sets it to on. 


Alpha: Determines the opacity of the effect. 0 is fully transparent, whereas 1.0 is fully opaque. 

Gray: Applies a grayscale filter. The greater the value, the stronger the filter. 

Sepia: Applies a sepia filter. The greater the value, the stronger the filter. This value overwrites the gray value. 

Invert: Applies a negative filter. The greater the value, the stronger the filter.


-Color is a modification of Dance InterventionP's full.fx effect. 

-There are two variations of this effect 

  • Color.fx allows for a full range of color values.

  • Color_Flat.fx is limited to solid colors much like a silhouette.

-HariganeP recommends you load the controller before loading your model. If you are loading the controller after the model, you can adjust the draw order by going to background -> model draw order & model calculate order. 

-The alpha, gray, sepia, and invert options have no effect on Color_Flat.fx.

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