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Glow Effects

Glow Effects give the illusion that they are producing light, without interacting with other assets in the environment.

Glow Effects are not to be confused with Light Source Effects, which do produce light that interacts with other assets in the environment.


Click on the name of a producer to go to their page.

Projector (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).jpg


Projector projects a glowing image or animation onto assets.

ikCinemorph (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikCinemorph responds to bright lights by producing a line of glow. It is based on lens flares in sci-fi movies.

ikDiffusion (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikDiffusion adds blur, light intensity and contrast to a render

ikGodray (YamiMori, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikGodray produces sun rays, mimicking real life godrays. When the light source moves behind a solid asset such as a model, the light is blocked out.

ikLensGhost (YamiMori, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikLensGhost produces a lens flare, which you can attach to a light source for realistic camera-light reflections.

ikLineParticle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikLineParticle generates a firework-like particle effect.

ikOverray (YamiMori, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikOverray adds a gradation of color to a render.

IkSunShaft (YamiMori, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikSunshaft generates godrays/sun-like light emittance.

ikTrail (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


ikTrail adds a glow onto a subset of an asset, and when the asset is moved, leaves a glowing trail behind.

ikUnderwater (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno)gif


ikUnderwater changes the environment to an underwater scene. It mimics how lighting changes when underwater.

LivesetConelights (WinterVylet, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg

LiveSet- ConeLight

ConeLight produces concert lights that mimic passing through stage fog. It is part of LiveSet.

ALGlowMap (G123u, Mfakane, 椛暗).jpg


ALGlowMap allows AutoLuminous to react to a model’s texture. It is designed to be used with Sovoro’s AL and Harigane’s WorkingFloor.

PostRimLighting (MMD-Kyu, Mfakane, 椛暗).jpg


PostRimLighting adds a glowing rim around an asset to mimic backlighting. It also contains PostRimLighting2D.

AutoLuminous (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


AutoLuminous applies an automatic glow to a subset. It is the third luminous effect made by Sovoro.

KeyLuminous (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


KeyLuminous makes key parts of an asset glow. It is the first luminous effect to be produced by sovoro.

ObjectLuminous (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


ObjectLuminous makes parts of an asset glow. It also contains CrossLuminous. It is the second luminous effect made by sovoro.

TrueCameraLX (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, anonymous (the motion creator)


TrueCameraLX combines AutoLuminous, MotionBlur and XDOF into one effect.

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