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Aliases: wulovegin                                                                                                MMD Status: active, but not in effect production

Began producing in: 2018                                                                                                                       Download hosting: bowlroll



  • G_Wuuuuu is most famous for their high quality stages, many of which have become iconic in the MMDC.

  • G_Wuuuuu's NicoNico
  • G_Wuuuuu's Twitter
  • G_Wuuuuu's Bowlroll
  • G_Wuuuuu's Bilibili
  • G_Wuuuuu's Github

Credits for all renders: YYB, ROKI-P, G_Wuuuuu, Syovzai, Chestnutscoop and MMD-Kyu

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