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MMD-Kyu's MMD Render for the Further Reading page of the MME Archive

Further Reading

This page provides you with journals, forums and academic papers which can help you better understand 3D rendering inside and outside of MMD. We try to provide free and open sources as much as possible, however some sources may require you to pay/login as a higher education student. Please also be aware that not all these sources can be used as a primary source, as a few are opinion based with no back up information. Links may change as we find better/more informative sources. More information here.

Alpha Textures and Alpha Mapping

Useful for effects/ shaders that require extra manipulation for transparent textures, such as BlackAlpha.


A Global Illumination technique. Useful for understanding Elle's ImRadiosity.

Half Lambert

Useful for understanding how half lambert shading and lighting works.

Cel Shading

Useful for understanding how any toon shaders work, such as Mfakane's shaders

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