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Effect Definitions

This page lists how the MME Archive defines MMD effects. Definitions are developed based loosely on Dance Intervention P’s definitions found here, however we define MMD effects slightly differently in order to primarily assist with the search engine. For example, many MMD effects are Post Effects in nature, however we have reserved the category of Post Effects for filters and overlays only, and providing more detailed definitions to describe the appearance and workings of separate Post Effects


Many effects fit into more than one category and so may appear in multiple Effect Type pages. The primary classification of an effect can be found in the top right corner of the effect box on these pages.


Click on an effect definition to go to its dedicated page of effects.

This page is currently under construction.

Animated Effects

Animated Effects are effects that move with their own animation built in. 

Animated Effects are not to be confused with Motion Effects, which affect a model’s motion data or camera data.


Audio Effects

Audio Effects react to the .wav file you use in your project, creating audio visualizers.


Billboard Effects

Billboard Effects are 2D plane assets that always face the camera, no matter where the camera is.



Blur Effects

These effects blur the render screen. Some are post effects that blur the entire render screen, while others may mimic depth of field effects on real life cameras.


Camera Effects

Camera Effects affect MMD’s camera settings, such as adding new features to camera motion or helping to construct camera motion data. 

Camera Effects are not to be confused with camera-like overlays, photo filters or camera-like settings. For effects such as these, go to Post Effects. For camera transitions, go to Transition Effects.


Collision Effects

Collision Effects make use of the MMD physics engine and will react when they collide with objects. Collision Effects tend to also be Particle Effects.



Fog Effects

Fog effects generate fog and clouds. Some use post-processing while others use volumetric processing.


Glow Effects

Glow Effects give the illusion that they are producing light, without interacting with other assets in the environment.

Glow Effects are not to be confused with Light Source Effects, which do produce light that interacts with other assets in the environment.



Light Source Effects

Light Source Effects produce light additionally to the default MMD lighting, and cast light onto assets within the environment. 

Light Source Effects are not to be confused with Glow Effects, which do not produce light that interacts with other assets in the environment.



Motion Effects

Motion Effects react directly with a model's or camera's motion. 

Motion Effects are not to be confused with Animated Effects, which move with their own animation built in.



Normal Map Effects

Normal Map Effects are a type of shader effect which applies a fake lighting texture to an asset, giving the illusion that the surface is highly detailed. 

Normal Map Effects are not to be confused with Shader Effects; although Normal Map Effects are a type of shader, the shaders listed on Shader Effects do not always have normal map capability.


Particle Effects

Particle Effects generate particles. Particles come in many forms, such as rain, snow, petals, fire and butterflies.

Many MMD effects can be classified as Particle Effects, such as effects found in Collision Effects, Animated Effects, Billboard Effects and Self Effects.




Post Effects

Post Effects apply to the fourth wall of the render through post-processing, generating filters and overlays.


Many MMD effects are classified as Post Effects, however the MME Archive only classifies filter and overlay-type effects as Post Effects, while other effects are categorised in other places.


Post Shader Effects

Post Shader Effects are shaders which are applied through post-processing and .x files, rather than the traditional .fx files used in Shader Effects.




Reflective Effects

Reflective Effects mirror assets within the environment. Reflective effects can take many forms, including planes and shaders.




Rendering Effects

Rendering Effects assist in improving the physical quality of MMD rendering, such as anti-aliasing, transparency and screen size information.



Self Effects

Self Effects apply a new dimension to an asset, which can include setting a model on fire, emit lightning or produce water splashes. Many Self Effects can also be classified as Billboard Effects or Particle Effects.

Self Effects are not to be confused with Shader Effects, which change the overall appearance of a subset surface, rather than adding an element to it.



Shader Effects

Shader Effects are applied to an asset’s surface to change or improve its appearance, such as adding detail, definition, texture or lighting. 

Shader Effects are not to be confused with Self Effects, which add elements to an asset, rather than changing its appearance.


Shadow Effects

Shadow Effects add or manipulate shadows cast onto assets. Many Shadow Effects include the term ‘SSAO’ in their names.



Skyboxes are skydome effects that are used within Effect Systems. They pair well with Reflective Effects, as they project their textures onto the material.


Effect Systems

Effect Systems are effect libraries that provide many effects such as light sources, normal maps, shaders, skyboxes and shadow settings. All these effects work systematically and rely on each other to generate extremely high quality visuals.


Please note that effects contained within the library of an Effect System often cannot be used properly without other essential effects being loaded.


Transition Effects

Transition Effects generated animated video transitions, similar to those one would add to videos in post production.


LaughingMan (puff, 七葉1052, Paruparu, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
Movies (G123u, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
ikAudioSpectrum (Briar-x-Rose, ikeno).gif
UditaBasic (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).gif
LaughingMan (puff, 七葉1052, Paruparu, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
SubCamera2 (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).gif
CameraShake (WinterVylet, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP)
Map (Chestnutscoop, Baroque, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif
ikLineParticle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif
Kakizome Setto (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
Innocencer (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, kellow, Dance InterventionP).gif
NightFog (Briar-x-Rose, Touko-P, Animasa, Sovoro).jpg
ikPostFog (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
SandSmoke (WinterVylet, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP).gif
AutoLuminous (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg
ikTrail (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif
ALGlowMap (G123u, Mfakane, 椛暗).jpg
DiscoLighting (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
PointLightSS (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).jpg
SpotLight (aple, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg
MotionBlur3L (Chestnutscoop, Baroque, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif
GhostMotion (G123u, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg
ikAnkleAngle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno, Baroque).gif
Raised material for ray-mmd (MMD-Kyu, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P, rui).jpg
PostOverRayVRB (Chestnutscoop, Kanihira, Elle).gif
rhinestone (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
RainLite (SleepyKitty, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif
VoxelParticle (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif
FireParticleSystem (AndrewSalyMMD, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).gif
OldTV (puff, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).jpg
msColorCorrection (Syovzai, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg
First-Person Blink (GamblingJester, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP)
PostAdultShader (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).jpg
msToonCoordinator (aple, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg
PostHatchingShader (MMD-Kyu, Kanihira, Elle).jpg
ikUnderwater. (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno)gif
MetallicDP (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).jpg
WorkingFloorX Controller (Misaki, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP).jpg
o_disAlphaBlend (KH40, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg
msViewportSize (Syovzai, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg
o_dispBPM (G123u, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg
ikWetCloth (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif
o_DotsDropShdw (Chestnutscoop, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg
FixedHairLighting ((MMD-Kyu, Mfakane, 椛暗).gif
ikPolish (Misaki, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
o_ShaderCustomSet (RaC, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg
ComicShader (MMD-Kyu, Mfakane, 椛暗).jpg
ExcellentShadow (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg
o_SSAO (ittovy, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg
ikHatching (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, Cabbage bowl, ikeno).jpg
HDR2RGBM (Chestnutscoop, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
ikVXGI (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
LiveSet- MMMob_ikPolish(H4ru, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
ikPolish (Misaki, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg
RasterScroll (Chestnutscoop, Kanihira, Elle).gif
FlipPage (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).gif
Crossfade (Chestnutscoop, Kanihira, Elle).gif
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