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Please note that no downloads are hosted in this archive. This is not a redistribution site, but an archive site where artists can easily browse and find effects. If an effect or collection of effects is taken down by the original artist, we will NOT link to an unofficial download place unless permission by the effects artist is given.


Please note that the archive developer is not a professional 3D effects producer. I am a 3D enthusiast and have no formal education in any kind of art. I have over 10 years of experience in MMD, but everything I know I learned from online tutorials, research, and hands-on learning. Therefore, some information, especially the definition and effect genres, may be incorrect. If you are an experienced 3D artist who would like to correct any information on this website from a professional perspective, please contact the developer.

All images used on the Archive have been rendered by the contributors of the MME Archive project. All credits for images can be found either by clicking on the image and accessing the image's tooltip, or, in the instance of effect page renders, by navigating to an effect artist's page and scrolling to the bottom of the page. If you spot an asset that has mistakenly not been credited, please contact the developer to get this fixed. We apologise in advance if any assets have been missed of of our credits.




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