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Dance InterventionP- Collision

Last updated: 18/09/2011

Innocencer allows a model's fingers to interact with a display screen.


Click the image above to see it in full and to view credits.



1. Go to 'accessory manipulation' and click 'load'.

2. Select 'Innocencer.x' and click 'OK'.

3. Open 'Innocencer.fx' and go to line 31. Change the name of the model to the exact model name that will be using the Innocencer. Save the file.

4. Touch the model to the screen of 'Innocencer.x', and the screen will display rotating shapes.


-Innocencer may not always look right in MMD, but should look normal upon AVI output.

-The Innocencer instrument may have been inspired by the instrument featured in this MV for KazuP's 'Innocence'.

Further Information

-Dance Intervention P's premiere video for Innocencer can be found here.

Dance InterventionP, Innocencer, instrument, collision, innocence

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