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Dance InterventionP- Collision

Last updated: 18/09/2011

Footprint leaves a footprint mark on a collision plane.


Click the image above to see it in full and to view credits.



1. Go to 'accessory manipulation' and click 'load'.

2. Select 'foot_l [Footprint.fx].x' and click 'OK'.

3. In the accessory manipulation box, attach 'foot_l [Footprint.fx].x' to the left toe bone of the model that you want to apply the effect to. Click 'register' when done. 

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with 'foot_r [Footprint.fx].x' and attach it to the model's right toe bone.

5. Go to 'accessory manipulation', click 'load' and select 'footpanel0.x'. Place it very slightly above the ground by making the Y parameter in accessory manipulation higher than 0.0000. You can load multiple footpanel planes and place them next to each other for a longer floor panel.

6. When the model's feet touch the footpanels, a footprint will be left where contact was made.

7. If the footprints do not exactly show where the model's feet have touched the panels, you can manually move 'foot_l [Footprint.fx].x' and 'foot_r [Footprint.fx].x' into a better position by manipulating the X and Z values in accessory manipulation.


-If you want footprints to be left behind but you do not want the floor to be white, you can set the Tr of the 'footpanel.x' effects to 0.00.

-You can change the transparency of the footprint by editing the Tr value of 'foot_l [Footprint.fx].x' and 'foot_r [Footprint.fx].x' effects.

-The footprints will disappear when you press 'play', and will reappear during the animation playback. 

Further Information

-Dance Intervention P's premiere video for Footprint can be found here.

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