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Dance Intervention P

Aliases: Mai Force Intervention P, 舞力介入P                                              MMD Status: inactive since 2014

Began producing in: 2010                                                                  Download hosting: OneDrive / Bowlroll


  • Dance Intervention P is the creator of the MMEffect plugin, and the first ever MMD effect creator! 

  • Most old and new MMD effects are based on effects made by Dance Intervention P.

  • The Yowane Haku icon used to represent MMEffect is also used on an MMD .exe program developed by Dance Intervention P prior to MMEffect being developed, called MikuMikuTransborder.

  • Many of Dance Intervention P's MME tutorials were lost when Blomaga was taken offline, but they are still accessible on the Wayback Machine here.

  • Dance InterventionP does not have an update log for their effects, therefore we do not know when they were last updated. We have recorded the dates of when the effect was advertised on their NicoNico as approximate release dates.

  • Half of Dance Intervention P's effects are hosted on Bowlroll, while the other half is hosted on OneDrive. One effect is hosted on Axfc uploader. When you click the OneDrive icon below, the effect file may automatically download.

  • NicoNico
  • OneDrive
  • bowlroll
  • Axfc
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