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Hiya! My name is Chestnutscoop, and I've been an MMD artist for almost a decade. I specialise in effect modification, and I am the producer of various effect mods such as KiraKira_colours, KiraKira_sparkle, SuperShine Shader and DropShadow_pastel.

Back in January 2020, I released 'The MMEffects Collection" on DeviantART, which aimed to list every single MMD effect in existence. This collection would serve several purposes, such as allowing artists to quickly find the producers of various effects, and properly credit them. However, the main purpose was to help artists find unknown producers and effects. The Collections proved to be extremely successful, reaching 41k views and 1.6k favourites in a single year. In the modern MMDC, one tends to see the same effects used all the time (raycast, kirakira etc.), but I hope to provide artists with alternate modifications and effects by making them discoverable.

After returning to MMD after a 3 year hiatus in 2019, my main goal has been to improve the Western MMDC. Our community is known for it's toxicity and rule-breaking, however I believe that most of these issues rise from a lack of education around MMD culture. If we can teach new MMD artists very early on how to morally conduct themselves when it comes to using/crediting assets where appropriate, I believe that we can eradicate some of the toxicity in the community.

I worked for several months alone to bring this project to life, and now I accept the help of some contributors to create example renders and proofread my information. I work on all my public MMD projects for free, despite putting my own money into this Archive to pay for the domain subscription. I am currently working as a Social Media Assistant to fund my Masters Degree and possible PhD, so if you would like to support me, you can donate to me below! Please rest assured that all my services and projects will remain free of charge forever, and a donation is a completely optional way of supporting my future education.

Want to help? Get in touch!

If you would like to contribute to the MMEffect Archive, you can contact me at these locations! You can see the roles I currently accept here. We are not currently taking applications for additional managers or moderators, and these roles are volunteer roles only.


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