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Camera Effects

Camera Effects affect MMD’s camera settings, such as adding new features to camera motion or helping to construct camera motion data. 

Camera Effects are not to be confused with camera-like overlays, photo filters or camera-like settings. For effects such as these, go to Post Effects. For camera transitions, go to Transition Effects.


Click on the name of the producer to go to their page.

FinderMonitor (Chestnutscoop, Baroque, Kanihira, Elle).gif


FinderMonitor adds a second render screen to assist render building.

SubCamera2 (G123u, Kanihira, Elle).gif


SubCamera2 creates a second camera with its own independent lighting and color controller.

CameraShake (WinterVylet, Animasa, ini-T, GABAkunP)


CameraShake shakes the camera without animating the camera. It is a modification of HariganeP's Earthquake. Original title is "手ぶれカメラ用補助エフェクト".

mipmaptest (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


mipmaptest shows the artist how far away the camera is from a model. It was created for anti-aliasing purposes.

Map (Chestnutscoop, Baroque, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


Map visualizes the camera's position on the render screen, from a top down perspective.

VisionView (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


VisionView visualizes the camera's potion and field view.

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