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Blur Effects

Blur Effects add blurring and bokeh to a render. Some blur or soften the entire render screen, while others may mimic depth of field effects on real life cameras.


Click on the name of a producer to go to their page.

Gaussian (Chestnutscoop, 七葉1052, アノマロかりんとう, 鍵束, Dance InterventionP).jpg


Gaussian adds a gaussian-style blur across the render screen.

BallBlurDOF (Chestnutscoop, Kanihira, Elle).jpg


BallBlurDOF creates bokeh blurring using a post effect ball.

image unavailable2.jpg


BlurCross adds a blurry overlay to create a scene transition.

LargeBlur (Chestnutscoop, Kanihira, Elle).jpg


LargeBlur generates a blur across the entire render screen.

ikBokeh (aple, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikBokeh adds a depth of field to a render or video. It’s designed to blur the background, and can also add blur to the foreground of an image.

ikCinemorph (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikCinemorph responds to bright lights by producing a line of glow. It is based on lens flares in sci-fi movies.

ikDiffusion (MMD-Kyu, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikDiffusion adds blur, light intensity and contrast to a render

ikPolish (Misaki, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikPolishShader is an effect system. It contains shaders, light sources, environment effects and blurring that work together to form a render.

ikRadialBlur (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikRadialBlur adds an adjustable radial blur to a render.

ikSoftfocus (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikSoftfocus produces an edge blur/ total blur across the render.

MotionBlur3L (Chestnutscoop, Baroque, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).gif


MotionBlur3L is a linearized mod of Sovoro's MotionBlur3. The effect no longer resets at camera changes.

ikボケ (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno).jpg


ikボケ adds bokeh blurring to a render. It mimics a depth of field. This blur effect is the predecessor to ikBokeh and a good alternative to that heavier effect.

LiveSet- MMMob_ikBokeh (G123u, Tda, 金子卵黄, ikeno, aple).jpg

LiveSet- MMMob_ikBokeh

MMMob_ikBokeh is a compatibility effect that allows ikeno's ikBokeh to work with models created by HariganeP's MikuMikuMob.

msEdgeBlending (Syovzai, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg


msEdgeBlending blurs or sharpens the outer edges of the model to blend it into the environment.

msPowerDiffusion (Syovzai, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg


msPowerDiffusion adds an easily manipulated diffusion effect that you can tune to a single color.

msPowerOverlay (Syovzai, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg


msPowerOverlay adds a light blur and contrast to a render, similar to anime bloom.

msPowerSoftFocus (G123u, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).gif


msPowerSoftFocus adds a powerful blur and bloom to a render using a controller.

msSoftFocus (G123u, Mashimashi, YYB, TOUKO-P).jpg


msSoftFocus adds a diffusion-like blur to a render.

o_OpticalBlur (KH40, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg


o_OpticalBlur adds an even blur across the render screen. It is a modification of Dance InterventionP's Gaussian.

o_Diffusion (G123u, o_tamon, Kanihira).jpg


o_Diffusion adds a soft blur and contrast to a render, designed to mimic sunshine environments. It is a modification of Sovoro's Diffusion7.

Blizzard (Misaki, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).gif


Blizzard generates a blurry snowfall.

CheapLens (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


CheapLens makes the edge of the render frame blurry, darker and discolored

Diffusion (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


Diffusion adds blur and contrast to a render.

GaussianVariable (G123u, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


GaussianVariable adds an even blur across the render. It is a modification of DanceInterventionP's Gaussian.

MotionBlur (Syovzai, Cigar, Touko-P, Animasa, Sovoro).gif


MotionBlur creates blur when an asset or the camera moves.

SvDOF (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


SvDOF adds a background blur, mimicking a depth of field. It is auto-calculated by the location of the camera.

TrueCamera (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Baroque, Sovoro).gif


TrueCamera combines SvDOF, MotionBlur and FishEye into one effect.

TrueCameraLX (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, anonymous (the motion creator)


TrueCameraLX combines AutoLuminous, MotionBlur and XDOF into one effect.

XDOF (Chestnutscoop, Touko-P, Animasa, Geppi-Nutts, Sovoro).jpg


XDOF is an improved version of SvDOF.

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