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Beamman- Particle

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 27/07/2012

CaveCanon generates bullet hell-style particles that spread out in an outward spiral pattern.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Go to 'accessory manipulation' and click 'load'. 

2. Select CaveCanon.x and click 'OK'.

Editing the Code Parameters

-Line 4: #define AUTO_ROTATE: Determines the rotation speed of the particle spawn point. Setting this value to 0 disables the rotation. 

-Line 7: #define ADD_FLG: Determines whether the effect applies an Add / Linear Dodge blend mode onto the effect. By default, this is enabled. Add "//" to the start of this line to disable this. 

-Line 11: #define BILLBOARD: Determines whether certain aspects of the effect will always face the camera. By default, this is enabled. Add "//" to the start of this line to disable this. 

-Line 15: #define PARTICLE_COUNT: Determines the number of particles the effect will spawn, within a range of 0~1024. 

-Line 17: float CutSpeed: Determines the initial speed limit of the particles. 

-Line 19~23: float3 ParticleColor[4]: Determines the colors of the particles, represented in four (Red, Green, Blue) formats. 

-Line 26: float particleSpread: Determines the spread of the spreading particles. 

-Line 28: float particleSpeed: Determines the speed of the particles. 

-Line 30: float particleSize: Determines the size of the individual particles. 

-Line 32: float3 Grv = float3: Determines the intensity of gravity on the particles generated, represented in a (x, y, z) format. 

-Line 34: float MinMoveSpd: Determines the minimum propulsion speed of the spreading particles. 

-Line 35: float MaxMoveSpd: Determines the maximum propulsion speed of the spreading particles. 

-Line 37: float Air: Determines the velocity resistance of the particles generated. A greater value means the particles will drag along.

-Line 38: float ParticleLen: Determines the average length of the particles generated. 

-Line 48: string ResourceName: Determines which image to reference when generating the individual particles.


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