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Beamman- Particle

MMM Incompatible

Last updated: 24/10/2012

ActiveParticleSmokewithNormalmap produces missile smoke when a bone moves. It is designed to be used with Sovoro's AutoLuminous.


Click the image above to see it in full



1. Go to 'accessory manipulation' and click 'load'. 

2. Select 'ActiveParticleSmoke_withNormal.x' or 'ActiveParticleSmokeHG_withNormal.x' and click 'OK'. 

3: In the 'accessory manipulation' panel, attach the effect to your desired model.  

Accessory Parameter Values 

-X, Y, and Z: Adjusts the position of the effect.

-Si: Adjusts the amount of smoke that is emitted.

-Tr: Adjusts the opacity of the effect.

Editing the Code Parameters

-Line 3: float3 FireColor: Determines the color of the fire, represented in (Red, Green, Blue) values. 

-Line 12: float3 ParticleColor: Applies a multiply blend mode over the fire texture file, represented in (Red, Green, Blue) values. 

-Line 13: float ParticleSize: Determines the size of the smoke particles. 

-Line 14: float ParticleSpeed: Determines the speed of the smoke particles. 

-Line 15: float ParticleInitPos: Determines the relative spawn position of the smoke particles. 

-Line 16: float ParticleLife: Determines the duration of the smoke particles, represented in seconds.

-Line 17: float ParticleDecrement: Determines when the particles begin to disappear, represented in a ratio relative to ParticleLife. The lower the value, the longer it takes for each particle to disappear and be replaced. 

-Line 18: float ParticleDiffusion: Determines the diffusion, ie. the spread, of the smoke particles. 

-Line 19: float CoefProbable: Determines the particle generation relative to the object movement. A greater value increases the amount of particles generated with each movement. 

-Line 20: float ObjVelocityRate: Determines the direction spread of the smoke particles relative to the object's velocity. A lower value means the particles will trail closer to the object. 

-Line 22: float3 GravFactor: Determines the intensity of gravity on the particles generated, represented in a (x, y, z) format. 

-Line 23: float ResistFactor: Determines the velocity resistance of the particles generated. A greater value means the particles will drag along.

-Line 31: float3 vel = float3: Determines the initial velocity of the particles generated.


-ActiveParticleSmokewithNormalmap is a modification of Harigane-P’s ActiveParticleSmoke_v003.

-The effect will only appear when the asset it is attached to moves. It is recommended to attach it to a model or a Dummy Bone. 

-You can also enable stronger physics, then attach the asset to a bone with physics (such as a hair bone or skirt bone) and position the effect accordingly. 

-The effect is rather heavy on your computer. Beamman recommends taking caution when using the HG version, as it can emit up to 16,384 particles.

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