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Welcome to the MikuMikuEffect Archive!

The MikuMikuEffect Archive is a documentation website which records every single MMD Effect that exists, or has existed. Its primary goal is to provide a space where MMD artists can easily access a diverse range of effects, along with their original download information and credit information. We hope to draw attention to some lesser-known effects, promote their producers to a large audience and help MMD artists find effects that suits their artwork

Celebrating the End of the MMEContest

The MMEContest was a monthly art contest which aimed to push MMD artists out of their comfort zone and expose them to new and unknown effects. We did this by selecting an 'effect genre' every month, and artists has to create a still-image render based on that genre. The genre would have been a specific effect, an aesthetic theme or type of effect.

The MMEContest held its last competition in December 2022. Help us celebrate its legacy by taking a look at the artwork that was made for the contest.

Join our Communities!


The MikuMikuEffect DeviantART group is one of the biggest MMD groups on dA, and the biggest MME-specific group on the platform. We feature amazing MMD renders, a monthly render contest and effect downloads! This community is public.

The MikuMikuEffect Discord Server's icon

The MikuMikuEffect Discord server is a smaller, more intimate experience designed for MMD artists to talk, help each other out, share their art and have fun! This community is private.

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You can keep up with The MikuMikuEffect Archive's development by following our official Twitter, our blog on Kofi, or by following the Dev on DeviantART! Click the icon above to be notified about new features and added producers, and search for previous updates using the hashtag #MMEArchive.

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